ITV – This Morning

On Wednesday 11th April, at Crockett & Jones Northampton  had the pleasure of welcoming an ITV film crew from their flagship mid-morning daytime show – This Morning.

In celebration of the Royal Warrant, recently awarded to Crockett & Jones by HRH Prince Charles, This Morning are visiting a few of the recipients of this incredible accolade. However, nothing could quite prepare them for the wonderful Alison Hammond, This Morning’s lead features presenter. Alison is as nutty as a fruit cake, but quite possibly the most wonderfully endearing person to have ever walking through the doors of their Northampton factory.

Not to put her time on strictly to waste, Alison, literally danced her way through the factory, during what she described as ‘the most enjoyable factory, full of the most wonderful people she had met’. She started her day (after being chased down the street) with a professional intro on the once cobbled streets, where she broke out into some sort of ‘Instagram Story Samba’ (I think!).

Inside the factory, she interview both Directors, brothers, Jonathan and Nicholas Jones on running a family business, producing such a beautiful product in England, the gaining of our Royal Warrant and what it means to all at Crockett & Jones. Chomping at the bite, they finally got Alison onto the ‘shop floor’ as she described it, where she met with Charlie McKenzie, who revelled at the opportunity to talk about his time at Crockett & Jones – all 49 years of it.

Alison then stumbled upon the closing room, which employs some 100 women, which quickly escalated in what can only be described as some sort of sober hen party! Like old friends, most of the ladies in the room lined up for selfies whilst Alison took the time to get beneath the skin of what makes Crockett & Jones such a special factory – the people. Amazed at the friendly and relaxed atmosphere within the walls of Crockett & Jones’ factory, Alison quickly become at home. A group photo and a sign off that proved a bit of a tongue twister, the ITV crew moved onto the depths of the factory.

Down in the basement Alison was presented with a rather old and battered pair of shoes where Gary (a Cobbler) was waiting to show her the repair process (the main reason behind our producing of Goodyear-welted footwear). In the Making Department she walked confidently through the rather noisy room which leads to the Finishing Room. In this highly skilled room, where the finer details are expertly added to the soles, the team set about reorganising the entire workforce. Bossy, maybe. Amusing, definitely.



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