Stay ahead one step

Barker shoes have been an English tradition

for more than one hundred years. Only the

most carefully selected leathers are used

and the uppers are shaped on a last by


Many other traditional shoemaking methods are still

employed including slow natural drying and polishing. This

is why Barker English shoes have a unique quality that no

machine can match.

Barker’s have been making shoes in the

Northamptonshire village of Earls Barton since 1880. In a

changing world, it’s good to know you can still find

perfection if you look for it. The foundation stone of the

Barker brand was laid in a humble cottage in the heart of

England’s shoe manufacturing industry in 1880, by an

enterprising Northamptonshire boot maker.

Arthur Barker was a skilled craftsman and natural

innovator, whose waterproof peg-sole boots were highly

sought after (the pegs would swell when wet and make the

sole waterproof ). Unable to satisfy increasing demands, he

employed other craftsmen in surrounding villages to fulfil his

growing order book. With a keen eye on the future and a

shrewd sense of timing, Barker invested in factory premises

at the turn of the century, later securing contracts to supply

the British army with boots during the First World War.

One thing for sure, it is craftsmen and fine materials that

makes good shoes. At Barkers, there is no shortage of either.

Our craftspeople produce some 200,000 pairs of hand lasted

sewn shoes each year.

Whether it’s a casual boat shoe to wear with jeans or a

classic monk to be worn with a suit, there is a wide selection

of styles to choose from.

Available from sizes 6-12 it couldn’t be easier to put your

best foot forward.