Inspired & Seduced by Beauty

Monari stands for passion. A passion that we all share. It lies in our genes-our warmth, Atogetherness and sharing of ideas.

All of us let ourselves be spontaneously inspired and seduced by beauty. We love to take up an idea and, with our heart and soul,

turn it into reality. In love with life. In love with Italy. An Italian love affair. Who is the woman? She lives to love and loves to live. She is decisive, confident, spontaneous and always dependable. Monari designs for the woman who knows what suits her and what she likes, who emphasises her feminine style and is open to new trends. She simply loves being a woman.

An enchanting summer in Tuscany. The delicious aroma of espresso, people laughing,
the hustle and bustle and typical Italian zest
for life. In 1986 Renate and Bernhard Bosch experienced just such an afternoon in a café on a piazza. Fascinated by the Italian esprit. Inspired by the colourful stylishness of the Italians. Their vision- to recreate this spirit with a fashion label and a unique knitwear collection, and to let their love of detail shine through. They found their name on a sugar packet next to their espresso. Today the collection has grown into a fabulous collection of easy wearable, stylish pieces.